Reset Forgotten AOL Password – Guide

AOL account services are tremendously useful to connect people around the globe. Moreover, it also endows us the medium for instant messaging and mailing for personal as well as business purpose. Generally, new AOL email account users forgot AOL password. In this blog post, we are going to deliver the optimum knowledge to AOL customer for resetting the AOL password manually. However, AOL customer can also contact the AOL certified tech representatives from their official website .i.e.

Steps to Reset the AOL Password

Check out the manual solution to reset the AOL password using the registered phone number: -

  • In the ‘AOL Sign in’ page, click on the “I forgot my password” link under the “Sign in”
  • To reset the AOL password, choose any one of the alternative option like email ID, phone number, or security question.
  • Assume we take the registered phone number option; it will redirect to enter the registered phone number. Later, choose the “Submit”

Note: Utilizing the registered phone number is the eminent way ‘how to change AOL password’ seamlessly.

  • Later, select the “Yes, send me a verification code” option to get the verification code via SMS on the phone.
  • The AOL customer can also receive the verification code on the phone call. To do so, select the “Call me with a verification code”
  • Type-in the verification code in the required field & later, choose the “Submit”
aol mail help
  • In the next pop-up screen, AOL customer needs to select the “Create a new password”
AOL Password recovery
  • After, typing the new AOL password – AOL users suppose to click on the “Continue”
  • Finally, choose the ‘Ok, got it’ option to confirm the AOL password change.

The above-shown steps are enough to reset the forgotten AOL password. In case, AOL users seeks premium AOL Help for the AOL issues – we recommend AOL users to get in touch with the AOL certified technicians & geeks to resolve the critical problems associated with the AOL services.