How to fix AOL Mail Issues?

AOL mail is one of a prominent email service company in the United States & Canada. It claim to be the most secure and safe platform on the internet. America Online was the first innovative company that came with the idea of connect people using internet network from all over the globe. In beginning, everything was great whether its user experience, interface, benefits of the features, etc. In simple words, AOL customer was more than satisfied. But after few years, AOL service such as AOL Instant Messenger, video chat, and others confronting AOL issues related to mailing, account password, etc. In this blog, we will provide AOL users complete overview of one such an AOL problem that is – discrepancy in reading or receiving AOL mail and mail related trouble.


Checkout the list of mail associated trouble along with the ways to troubleshoot them: -

  • Mail Receiving Issues
    In most of the scenario, it happens that AOL customer able to login the account but unable to receive new emails. This issue can be resolve with the ways given below: -

    • Verify the Filters

    At times, filters force emails to land in either trash or other folders despite of inbox folder. Ensure that user have created a filter for organized email system.

    • Verify the Emails in Spam folder
      Check & see the emails in the Spam folder that aren’t supposed reside there. Select & mark all the useful emails as “not spam”.

      1. Login the AOL email account.
      2. Choose the ‘Spam folder’.
      3. Pick all the messages that aren’t spam.
      4. Navigate top of the screen, hit on the “Not Spam”

    Note: AOL customer may also encounter AOL email down trouble while fixing discrepancy in reading or receiving AOL mail. In this situation, AOL users can get in touch with the AOL Customer Support team.

  • Image Viewing Issue
    It might be possible that AOL users would be unable to see the attached image in the email. This problem occurs often in the AOL email account and to fix it – follow the ways shown below: -

    • Try After Sometime
      Often sever delays in responding due to million users trying to access the email at the same time. In this situation, AOL customers advise to open/access the email after few minutes to fix this trouble.
    • Reset Web Settings

    Multiple browser installation may change the web settings which lead to image viewing problem in emails. This can be resolve by resetting the general web settings.

  • Reading & Retrieving Mail Issues
    By using the following ways – AOL users can troubleshoot the problem related to reading & retrieving emails.

    • Use AOL Basic Mail
    • Reset Web Settings
    • Disable Pop-up Blocking
    • Clear/Delete Browser's Cache
    • Temporarily Disable the Firewall
    • Disable Protected Mode in Internet Explorer

The prescribed ways can troubleshoot the AOL issues associated with email in a proper manner. If needed immediate assistance or user found the above-shown ways tedious – contact the AOL Support USA right away.