How to Contact AOL for Mail Not Working Problem?

AOL is a renowned company that deals in email services all over the globe. It has a wide range of customers that entails both individual & business-class. As this email service carries a lot of database such as personal information, business client details, and other stuff; it is important to protect AOL email account from threats & tech glitches. AOL users encounter various problems from them one is very crucial that is – AOL Mail Not Working Problem.

This tech hassle may occur due to several reasons that can often seen in the AOL email account such as accumulation of junk files/folders, outdated browser, and other. Possibly, it could also happens when the AOL email account restricted by the antivirus software and firewall. To resolve this problem, we are here through this blog post making an attempt to endow our diverse knowledge to deal with AOL Issues like this one.

Methods to Fix AOL Mail Not Working Problems

Here are some of the methods that can assist AOL customers/clients to troubleshoot AOL mail not working problem in an effective manner. However, if users feel likes to have guidance of a professional then go to the and connect with the AOL Phone Number.

Method1: Verify the ‘Sent’ Folder

Sometimes, it happens that the AOL account owner become unable to sent new mail to anyone. In such situation, AOL users are requested to see the “Sent” folder in their AOL email account and check if there is any known or strange mail exist that wasn’t sent by the owner. If such email exist in the email account then, there is a great chance that AOL account owner using a compromised or hacked account. AOL users are suggested to change AOL password as soon as possible to maintain the account privacy & security.

Method2: Restart the Computer

Those AOL users that are experiencing trouble in sending/receiving email can try a simple trick to resolve this problem. Shutdown & restart the device that’s all users have to do. By doing this, AOL client will improve the system performance; delete gibberish data, and clear internal memory.

Method3: Switch to an Updated Browser

At times, outdated browser or change in browser settings can also appear as a leading reason that causes this issue. To resolve issue, use an updated and configured browser that won’t restrict AOL email account access.

Method4: Delete/Remove Cache, Cookies, & Browser History

Poor browser performance may also affect the AOL email account which leads to AOL mail not responding issue. To eradicate this trouble, clear all the browser history, cookies, caches, and other related files/folders. Remember that prolong use of browser can laden it with many unwanted files/folders. Browser history, cache, & cookies are supposed to be clear time-to-time.

The prescribed method possibly seem tedious & boring to AOL customers/client. At such circumstance, AOL customers can ask for the help of the US-based experts & technicians at AOL Customer Support. We hope that our AOL users receive proper know-how about ‘How to contact AOL’ till so far with this informative blog.

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