Change AOL Account Recovery Settings – Guide

America Online is one of an eminent web mail service provider. In the end of 90’s, AOL came into existence and offered numerous beneficial online features such as instant messenger, video chat, etc. It is highly essential to maintain the security of the AOL account as it comprises of various momentous information and emails. Hence, it is quite must to configure the AOL Account Recovery settings. For proper guidance – AOL users can get in touch with the AOL Customer Support Service team now.


Here are some of the manual steps to configure the AOL Recovery Settings.

  1. AOL Mail Log in

Open the internet explorer or any other update browser and go to the In the ‘AOL Mail Login’ page, enter the account username & password. Finally, click on the “Sign in” icon at the bottom to proceed further.

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  1. Navigate to Account Info.

Once you signed in the AOL account as a user, search for your name at the top of the screen and look for the “Options” button. Later, click on it.

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Note: It is highly recommend for AOL users to Change AOL Password for a secure account. A good strength password is necessary for user to avoid AOL hack issue.

  1. Answer Security Question

In the next pop-up page, AOL customers supposed to be answer the AOL account security question for account ownership verification. Once you type in the correct answer – click on the “OK” icon.

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  1. Account Recovery Information

Once AOL user provided the right answer to the security question, a new screen will appear with the information of the account. In the mid section, user will see the “Account Recovery Information” where user will notice 4 options with ‘add or edit’ icon.

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  1. Add a Mobile Phone Number

In the ‘Mobile Phone’ section, find out the “Add” icon in blue colour. Click on it & enter the mobile number with area code. Once it’s done, click on the “Save” icon.

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  1. Alternate Phone Number

“Alternate Phone” option allows users to retrieve the account using an alternate number if something happens to the primary phone number. Click on the “Add” icon, type in the alternate number and then, click on the “Save” icon to proceed.

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  1. Alternate Email

In the “Alternate Email” section, hit onto “Add/Edit” option to enter the alternate email address and then, click on the “Save” button.

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  1. Change/Alter Security Question

In the “Security Question” tab, click on the “Edit” tab and this will open the 2 options. Choose a question from the drop-down that suits you well.

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  1. Review the recovery settings and click on the “Done”

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Implement the prescribed steps for modifications/change in the AOL Account Recovery settings. If the problem persists, we advice AOL users to contact the AOL USA support team instantly.