AOL Mail Password Reset – Guideline

There are many email services in the world but nothing comparable to the AOL service. America Online Inc. was the first company that take idea of using internet to connect with each other to a step further. Apart from connecting people, it also allows user to do video chats, instant messaging, and much more. However, AOL users start encountering issues related to AOL account hack, forgotten AOL password, bulk spam emails, etc. This signifies that there must be some suspicious activity going on in your account with user concern. In this situation, customer needs to perform AOL Mail Password Reset as soon as possible.

Steps to Change AOL Password

Follow the steps in a sequential manner to change AOL password correctly: -

  1. Turn-on the computer and open the latest updated browser.
  2. In the browser’s ‘Address Bar’ on the top – type and tap on the “Enter” tab.
  3. In the homepage of AOL, go to the top-right corner and click on the “Login/Join”
  4. Type the “Username” in the required section and click on the “Next”
  5. The above step will redirect user to a screen where user suppose to enter the “Password”.

Note: The screen may appear differently for different users depending upon the version of AOL.

  1. Hit onto the “Forgot password?” or “I forgot my password”

AOL password reset

Now, AOL users will see that there are 2 different ways for AOL password reset.

  1. Registered Phone Number
  2. Registered Email Address

AOL Password Reset via Phone Number

  • After clicking the “I forgot my password”, enter the registered recovery phone number associated with the AOL account. Later, click on the “Next”
  • Choose the ‘Text’ option to receive the verification code via SMS. On the other hand, user can also choose the ‘Call’ option to receive verification code via call.
  • Once users receive the verification code, type it in the required section and hit on the “Next”
  • Finally, enter the new desired password and confirm it by re-entering it.
  • Click on the “Save” icon when it’s done.

Reset AOL Password via Email Address

  • Type in the username and hit on the “Next”
  • Later, hit on the “Try another verification option”.
  • Choose the “Email a reset link to my recovery email address”
  • Once user click on the “Next” icon, a recovery email will arrive on the email address.
  • The email will arrive with the subject as “Request to reset your password”.
  • Hit on the “Reset Password” link in the email.
  • Finally, enter the new desired password and confirm it by re-entering it.
  • Click on the “Save” icon when it’s done.

If users unable to understand or practice the above-shown steps...! We recommend AOL users to dial the AOL Customer Service number for AOL Mail Password Reset. Our competent team of professional & skilled techies assists customers 24x7.